Bike Group Ride 5/6/16

First Friday Group Ride and Bike Safety Training

Sponsored by:

Lisbon Bike Club   ♣   Bicycle Coalition of Maine  ♣  Slovak Catholic Assoc.

5:30 –  Double Diamond Pawn parking lot  Friday,  May 6th

Cycling safety instructions, refreshments and free bike safety items:

  • Pant leg bands
  • Helmet
  • Lights
  • Shirts
  • safety guides

6:00  –  Adult Ride 

From Double Diamond Pawn parking lot to Crowley Road, Sabattus and back.     

Friday,  May 6

Adult 10+ mile ride

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Renee’s 5K Run 5/1


4th Annual Renee’s 5K Run/Walk and PHun Walk

Sunday, May 1, 2016
1 Mile PHun Walk 12:15 and 5K Run/Walk 1:00 p.m.  LCS


Texas visitor running

Texas visitor running

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Furbish donation site users

The Sabattus Riverside site is enjoyed by many trail users, two and four legged alike. Thanks to Rita’s generosity and community support.

Jennifer & Bill with furry friends Frankie, Pete & Pammie

Jennifer & Bill with furry friends Frankie, Pete & Pammie

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Androscoggin Trail Opening

East Coast Greenway – Maine Trail Ride 8-16-14


SAM_3516SAM_3532 SAM_3531SAM_3511

Androscoggin Trail opening 8-14-14

Construction Opening Day 2 Opening Day

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Lisbon Bike Club

To participate in a regular group ride around the area, send a message with your schedule and route preference. Thursday evenings at 6:00 from MTM Center (front parking area) is the regular schedule.

Send a message if you wish to be an organizer.

Join our Map My Ride online group:


first- Lisbon Active Community

last- Team

Join us for the Moxie Bike Rally again this year.

There will be 10, 30 and 50 mile routes available.



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Moxie Festival Bike Rally – 50mi/30mi

Moxie Rally LogoMoxie Bike Rally

_____30 Mile ____50 Mile
In consideration of this entry form being accepted, I for myself, my heirs,
administrators and assigns hereby waive and release and all rights and claims
of nature that I may have against the sponsors and or organizers of this ride.
Age _______ Cell Phone_______________________________
City___________________________ State_____ Zip_________
(Parent or guardian signature for applicant under 18 years of age)

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Lisbon Trails Events and Information

Lisbon Trails Commission is not currently part of the Town of Lisbon

Lisbon Trails Commission Meeting 3/20/2014 7:00 Town Office

Attendance: Joe Normand, Steve Warren, Charlotte Farnum, Trish Suthers,
Roger Bickford (Town Council), Lisa Ward (Town Council chair), Julie-Ann
Baumer (guest), Cale Chattick (guest), Ralph Bard (guest arriving 8PM)
Approve Minutes:
Nov 21, 2013 Minutes Charlotte Farnum motioned to accept, Joe Normand
seconded, passed unanimously.
De 19, 2013 Brainstorm session Charlotte motioned to accept, Joe Normand
seconded, passed unanimously.
Jan 16, 2014 Minutes Joe Normand motioned to accept, Trish Suthers
seconded, passed unanimously.
Feb 20, 2014 Minutes Charlotte motioned to accept, Joe seconded, passed
Agenda updates
Community Groves Grant Application Charlotte thinks this grant is not a
good fit for the Trail Commission. It is for fruit and nut trees and
needs to be in an urban area. Need to be a member of ACTrees in order to
apply. Discussed Tree Canopy Grant, which Joe said we could apply for
again. Lisa suggested we ask the town which specific grants would be a
fit with the Trail Commission. Cale suggested traditional Maine species
like blueberries and native fruit.
Decision: Pass on this grant opportunity and look into others.

Construction update Box culverts are in. Cale said brook by Blethen St
contains tires, barrels; and perhaps we should have a cleanup day. Cale
said there are some endangered species in the area, A type of fish in
stream and fresh water clams. Steve met with foreman and they didn’t
know about protecting the significant vernal pool, but now they will
know to protect it. Correcting the perched culvert near the storage
business to maintain fish spawning area.
Davis Street discussion 196 group needs to do a site walk and coordinate
with the Trails Commission. Council representatives were of the opinion
that a sidewalk will probably go in. Lisa Ward instructed that the
trailer park owner has the right to give an opinion and be heard.
Resident of trailer parks may offer opinions, but renters and trailer
park residents wishes are not to be considered significant to
decision-making. Where will the sidewalk go? Across 196 to Union St. It
should connect to the Park N Ride.

Trail logo The trail is a premier feature in town so it needs clear
signage. Steve showed a sample logo and Cale is going to draw another
for the next meeting.

Council meeting review Discussion about a complaint made by some
townspeople about Steve Warren. Mr. Sherbak felt Steve was bothering him
and went to the Council. There was another complaint that property
owners were not being consulted about projects. Steve clarified that
contact with Mr. Sherbak was at his repeated request to be notified of
significant construction activity and meeting reminders, but has not
attended. The recent contact was the second in about ten years and
related to the extensive construction activity in the area.

196 Master Plan coordination Trail Commission needs to work with the 196
Committee pertaining to the Davis St area.

Planning discussion –

Summer Street Trail: Put on hold for now.

Dog Park Two possible sites for a dog park. One is on the Paper Mill
Trail and the other by industrial park on the new section of the trail.
Tabled for now.

Connections Think about the connections in the downtown area.

Event Planning – Volunteer day – Bike events – Moxie Festival – Routes –
Trail Days
Trail/Park Plan for Androscoggin River Trail review Discussed
previously. Steve will send us what he gave to the council.
GIS mapping status report – The GIS tool is close to being posted as a
link on the town website, largely due to Jay Raitt’s effort. Town is
using Google Earth for GIS and making progress. It will be up and
running in the near future.

Lisbon Bike & Pedestrian Plan visioning Discussion
Infrastructure will be done first and we are waiting for GIS.
Meeting Adjourned 9:30.
Respectfully submitted,
Trish Suthers

Andro.Trail Construction

Lisbon Trails Commission    Meeting 1/16/2013    7:00  Town Office Training or Conference Room


Minutes    –    Attendance    –    Agenda updates

Discussion of next year’s priorities and budget items list

Construction update

Bike events – Routes

Trail/Park Plan for new section

Lisbon Bike & Pedestrian Plan Visioning Discussion

Mission Statement:

The Lisbon Bike & Pedestrian Plan’s purpose is:

To make Lisbon a healthy and conducive environment for non-vehicular travel. This being done through a clear vision of planned infrastructure enhancement, standards, efficiency, continuity, desirability, safety, investment value, education, promotion, coordination and data reporting.

Priorities, goals and objectives

  • Build on strengths
    • Desirability
      • Walkability
        • Bike friendly

      RALA    – Council presentation 1/21

Event Planning


The new Androscoggin River section of the Lisbon trail system is under contract and scheduled to be constructed. You are welcome to participate in the ground breaking on Tuesday, 10/22 at 11:00 – Parking Area at Rte.196/Frost Hill Ave.

The Lisbon Trails Commission is meeting 10/17 at 7:00 – Town Office Training Room

Member of the community are encouraged to participate in the process to promote health and the quality of life in Lisbon. Your participation can help guide our Bike-Pedestrian Plan, Complete Streets Policy, Open Space Access and other issues of concern.

Entrance to the Furbish bench area after site work:

Furbish Entrance 2

Lisbon Active Community Team

Bike Club         –         Group Cycle      –     Wed. 6 PM      –     Leave from MTM and cycle 1 hour around Lisbon’s scenic roads


Commission Meeting Agenda      –      July 18, 2013       7:00

    1. Minutes
    2. Officers
    3. Priorities for the next year
    4. Complete Streets Policy
    5. Construction update
    6. ATRC Bridging the Gaps – Lisbon B/P Plan
    7. Maintenance and enhancements
    8. Events

2013-06-29 Rita's Bench 4Bench CThe Furbish bench installation has been successfully completed!

Thanks to all those who helped make this possible and Rita for her indomitable commitment to enhancing life in Lisbon. Her contribution to civic life here is beyond measure.

Join in dedication of the bench Fri. 7/12 at 5:00

Lisbon Trails Commission – June 20 Meeting 7:00


Attendance – Minutes – Visitors – Agenda changes
Androscoggin Trail construction project report
Feeder Connection Planning
Complete Streets
Connections to Lewiston-Topsham-Durham
Coordination – Planning
–   Miller/Swift/Kelley/LABPC/Durham
Council workshop 5/28 review
Park/Trails Plan – Bylaws 7/2
Trail maintenance issues
– Donation Site A – Wood chip landscaping
– Kiosk information
– Knotweed management – Rodent/disease control
– Ricker Maples – Dieing
– Historic Marker Site – Steps
– Mill Street – Change gate to bollard
– Summer Street – Change barrier to bollard
Trail donation update
Route 196 Master Plan – Final meeting 7/11
Lisbon-Durham Bridge design
Bike/Pedestrian facilities planning
– Bus bike rack – Schedule/stops
– Connections – Center Street to Bauer Street
– ATRC priorities
– Plan Mapping
– Safety
– Coordination of projects and uses
Conservation Commission update

Trail Construction

The Androscoggin Trail construction process is getting underway with strong interest in bidding from contractors. The target for completion of construction of the additional two miles from Papermill Trail to Lisbon Falls is by the end of this construction season. Further progress updates will be posted.

Lisbon – Durham Bridge Replacement

The existing bridge between Lisbon and Durham has been in service for nearly eighty years, so it is reasonable to expect the current design decisions to shape our communities for the next century.

Your support is needed to have the Durham-Lisbon bridge design include bike and pedestrian facilities and safe connections for auto and pedestrian use. The proposed design does not do so and will go ahead, unless public comments show the community considers these important. The alternative connection to Route 196 would allow much greater public access to the riverfront, the Androscoggin Trail, future trail connection to Topsham  and would promote downtown redevelopment. They will only give this option further consideration if it has strong public support.

MaineDOT is particularly interested in learning local views relative to project consistency with local comprehensive plans, discovering local resources, and identifying local concerns and issues. Anyone with an interest in having the bridge designed to support pedestrian, bike, ATV, snowmobile, public access to the waterfront and tourism can submit their comments to .

Council Workshop Tuesday May 28th

Trails Commission effort was supported by public attendance and hundreds more through signatures. The Council agrees that the addition of the donation will be a public benefit and should go ahead. The Lisbon Trails Commission will continue as established by the Town Charter with responsibility for making park trails rules, with Council support. Town staff and the Trails Commission selected the site near the boat launch end or the trail, but on a side path with a view to the rapids, as the site for the donation. The donation will be a granite bench with a back and some landscaping to facilitate access. The larger sites for further enhancements, such as the swinging bench, will be available with landscaping.

Contact the Trails Commission if you wish to donate or have grant recommendations.



Trail Is Popular With Many Different Types of Users turtle on trail 2Destructive Invasive Species Devastates Indigenous Ecology When Left Uncontrolled Infestation 7With the help of local volunteers the Trails Commission has cleared an area of Japanese Knotweed, according to UMaine, State of Maine and The Nature Conservancy best practices. The waterfront site and has to date shown great promise as and example of successful non-chemical restoration of natural habitat.

Swing site

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