Amazing Opportunity for Lisbon!

Thank you for visiting the site for the Lisbon Trail System!

The following is the original task list of the Lisbon Trail Commission

In response to citizen interest in providing bicycle and pedestrian trails, the Board of Selectmen had appointed a seven member commission on July 6, 1999 with the following tasks.

1.  Evaluate public needs and interest in bicycle pedestrian trails.
2.  Provide public forums for developing and gaining interest in bicycle pedestrian trails.
3.  Seek public funding, including Federal and State grants, and advise the Board of Selectman of any funding issues.
4.  Coordinate volunteers and provide a maintenance plan for any trails constructed.
5.  Coordinate any pedestrian and/or bicycle trails in Beaver Park and Summer Street Park with Conservation Commission and with the Town Recreation Committee.
6.  Meet publicly at least quarterly and provide minutes and advice to the Board of Selectman on trail needs and issues.

10 Years Later…

The Lisbon Trail System has been very busy with the completion of the Papermill Trail and Ricker Farm Trail.  A trail hiker or biker would experience 3 miles of trail.  Community support has been very important for every step of this trail in Lisbon. Support has been seen through many hours of volunteer participation, individual donations as well as participation from area schools and colleges.   In just under ten years, this trail system materialized into what is has become today.  The final section of this trail will complete this long standing vision.

A critical moment in Lisbon history will happen November 3rd 2009.  The Town of Lisbon will have the opportunity to Say Yes to $1.2 million by approving a bond of 20% that amount.  A preliminary cost estimate and design was created in 2008 with 2008 prices.  The town of Lisbon is capable of building this final section of trail and possibly for much less than anticipated.  However, the opportunity to seek out further financial support through grants and donations will depend on support of this Bond Question #1.  The Town of Lisbon must support this endeavor to continue seeking a way to complete the vision.


The vote on November 3rd resulted in the approval to accept and match the funds available to complete the trail.

Please check back here for an updated post very soon!
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Sabatuss River

About Lisbon Trails

The Lisbon Trails Commission is a seven member community group serving the Town of Lisbon Maine. We have been active since 1993 to support non-motorized transportation activity.
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One Response to Amazing Opportunity for Lisbon!

  1. Jason Young says:

    Me and my family love this trail, I hope everyone votes to approve the bond.

    Go Lisbon!!!

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