Lisbon Chooses Trails

2,380 voters came out in support of the Lisbon Trail System on Nov. 3rd. These voters took a well educated risk for the community of Lisbon. This competed trail system will link the three villages of Lisbon and provide access to all of what Lisbon has to offer. Around the Sate of Maine trails are valued as a viable strategy to enhance a community through ‘green’ infrastructure. Although we are not a state park; these trails are benefits to a communities economic development and protection of health as well as a recreational outlet. By the way have you visited Beaver Park lately? The smell of the freshly made wreaths are fantastic!

The Lisbon Trail Commission is now back to work on several key tasks. Tasks include:
• Promotion of Lisbon Trails to visitors of Lisbon. Even though we have built it and several have come, many are still unaware of our trails.
• Reaching out to like minded organizations and foundations as well as individuals seeking partnerships.
• Working to ensure Lisbon benefits from the aims we set out to achieve.

Please know your support has helped to make this trail possible. We invite you to stop by any of our monthly meetings. We meet the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7PM in the Lisbon town offices. E-mail us at or comment on this blog post.

We hope you enjoy the trail system.

About Lisbon Trails

The Lisbon Trails Commission is a seven member community group serving the Town of Lisbon Maine. We have been active since 1993 to support non-motorized transportation activity.
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