So many Ideas to consider

After a few days of 80 degree weather this more reasonable rainy April day will help keep my seedlings indoors for now. As for trail participants there are many, many eager people ready and outside for the warm Maine season. Race training (Go Lisbon resident Melissa Casey at the Boston Marathon!) and seasonal business’s buzzing as well as recreational pursuits of all kinds are here again.

A quote for this week;

“Trails represent a major opportunity to satisfy the demand for outdoor recreation. By
their nature, they afford a low-concentration, dispersed type of recreation that is much
sought after today. Trails are the means to some of the most beneficial kinds of
exercise—walking, hiking, horseback riding, and cycling. Trails enable people to reach
prime areas for hunting, fishing, and camping; they lead to areas prized by students of
nature and history; they are used by artists and photographers; they help to satisfy the
craving many people have for solitude and the beauty of untrammeled lands and water.
Trails for America: Report on the Nationwide Trails Study, 1966”

Tomorrow the trails commission will be finishing up the pruning of the red maples along the Ricker Farm trail. Helping to establish the leaders and more wily branches will help tremendously to the ongoing beauty of this section of trail. Also you can expect our kiosks to receive a new coat of stain and hopefully we will add some new content to display within the kiosk. It is a high priority to continue this maintenance of these trails and you can help by letting us know your concerns and suggestions by e-mailing us at

We will also soon have reports of our kick off meeting and other reports of the vernal pool surveys that may become established along the new section of trail. I am looking forward to the details very much. But until then we will be vigilant to listen to the comments and suggestions from every Lisbon citizen. It is important to consider all design and planning ideas as we continue forward with this great project.

Another News related Item to mention is the Appalachian Trail presentation by Tim “Cargo Pockets” Pettinggill of Lisbon. Tim has hiked the entire trail and will be presenting his experience at the Lisbon Historical Society which is located in room 6 of the MTM center, 18 School St. Lisbon Falls. The date of this event is Wednesday May 12 at 7pm. You are asked to bring something to share for the social afterwords, should be a great presentation.

And to close this post for this week please take a look at this video tour of the Lisbon Recreation department as posted on

Next Week I hope to have an interview from a trail participant, agenda for the next Trail commission meeting, pictures and updates regarding our partnerships and links to the community of Lisbon.

Se you on the trail!

About Lisbon Trails

The Lisbon Trails Commission is a seven member community group serving the Town of Lisbon Maine. We have been active since 1993 to support non-motorized transportation activity.
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