Active Communities in Maine

“Recreation in the open is of the finest grade. The moral benefits are all positive. The
individual with any soul cannot live long in the presence of towering mountains or
sweeping plains without getting a little of the high moral standard of Nature infused
into his being … with eyes opened, the great story of the Earth’s forming, the history
of a tree, the life of a flower or the activities of some small animal will all unfold
themselves to the recreationist….”
—ARTHURCARHART, USDA Forest Service’s first landscape architect (1919), 1892–1978

Many towns have constructed and maintained trails and many more are being planned.  Lisbon is utilizing its many beautiful vistas to showcase what Lisbon has to offer such as rivers, quiet wooded forests and farm land.  Our local business is part of the experience as well.

Trails have been found to increase recreation and physical activity as well as local conservation efforts.  These towns are now being recognized at this May 2010 Active Communities Conference being held in Auburn Maine. Our own town engineer will be speaking on the incredible work he has sustainably project managed. It is without a doubt that because of his work this trail has been able to be constructed as successfully as it has.

Keeping in mind the costs of building an maintaining such a resource; a communities success with a trail is indeed a locally sustained effort. The Lisbon Trails Commission has and will continue to support the character of Lisbon in the continuing trail design and functions. Suggestions are always welcomed.

About Lisbon Trails

The Lisbon Trails Commission is a seven member community group serving the Town of Lisbon Maine. We have been active since 1993 to support non-motorized transportation activity.
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One Response to Active Communities in Maine

  1. Steve Warren says:

    The project to extend the trail into Lisbon Falls has been given all necessary approvals and easements are in place. The construction bidding date is yet to be established, but should be published soon.

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