Lisbon – Lisbon Falls – Lisbon Gets Up!

                             Active Community Plans

Lisbon is leading the way for Maine communities to be healthier and more vibrant places, through the organization of the Lisbon Active Community Team. Getting people walking will lead to improved facilities, decrease air pollution and traffic congestion, improve physical health, and other benefits.

The Active Community Team is working with a group of Lisbon Falls downtown business to promote the health of employees through formation of a Wellness Council.

Contact to participate.

These are the current objectives:

Compile statistics to define the pedestrian safety problems facing Lisbon.
Define our priorities and specify action to be taken in support of the program goals.
Take action and keep the media informed about our activities.
Figure out what works and doesn’t work for Lisbon and make the necessary adjustments to the program.

The following are ways you can get involved with the Active Community Team and be healthier, more alive and  contribute to the vitality of Lisbon.

1. Start a walking at work program

2. Get into a mileage club with MTM Fitness

3. Provide walking maps

4. Promotion and public information

5. Support Rec. Dept. and MTM programs

6. Organize special events

7. Walk to school day

8. Cultural, educational and historical walking events

9.  Work with Healthy Androscoggin programs

About Lisbon Trails

The Lisbon Trails Commission is a seven member community group serving the Town of Lisbon Maine. We have been active since 1993 to support non-motorized transportation activity.
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