Lisbon Trails Commission Bylaws 
• In the case of extenuating circumstances, the Board may waive any 
provision of these bylaws by majority vote. The reason or reasons for waiving any portion of the Bylaws 
shall be properly recorded in the minutes of the meeting where such waiver occurs. 
• The Lisbon Trails Commission is duly established by the Town of Lisbon Charter. 
• The Commission members shall consist of up to seven members appointed by the Town Council for 
unlimited terms. − The Secretary will record attendance at each meeting. − A member who fails to 
attend three consecutive meetings without acceptable reason, fails to attend 75% of all regular 
meetings in a calendar year may be removed.
 • The Board shall elect annually by majority vote, one of its members as Chairman and another member
 to serve for a one-year term from the first regular meeting after the beginning of the Town of Lisbon
 Fiscal Year.
 • In the temporary absence or disability of the Chairman, the Board shall elect by a majority vote a
 Chairman pro tem from among its members.
 • Any Commission member shall not vote on an issue in which there is an appearance of conflict of
 interest due to substantial personal financial interest, including that of a close family member.
 • The Commission shall designate a Secretary whom shall record discussion minutes, to be made publicly
 • The Board shall perform such duties and exercise such powers as are provided by town ordinance.
 The Lisbon Trails Commissions shall:
 (a)Evaluate public needs and interest in bicycle, pedestrian, and non-motorized recreational trails.
 (b)Provide public forums for developing and gaining interest in bicycle and pedestrian trails.
 (c)Seek public funding, including federal and state grants, and advise the town council of any funding
 (d)Coordinate volunteers and provide a maintenance plan for any trails constructed.
 (e)Coordinate any pedestrian and/or bicycle trails in Beaver Park or Summer Street Park with the parks
 (f)Meet publicly at least quarterly and provide minutes and advise the town council on trail needs and
 Reference Town of Lisbon, Maine, Code of Ordinances: Part I, Chapter 2 (Administration), Article V 
(Boards and Commissions), Sec. 10
 • Regular meetings shall be held on the third (3rd) Thursday of each month at 7PM in the municipal meeting
 room of the Town Office Building unless otherwise designated.
 • All meetings and workshops shall be open to the public except for executive sessions.
 • A quorum is required in order to conduct a meeting in all matters except for postponement and
 adjournment. A quorum shall consist of three members for the transaction of all official
 business. Board decisions shall be voted by a majority vote of those present after a motion has been duly
 made and seconded. The secretary shall record all motions and the vote thereon.
 • No motion shall be considered passed in any case unless at least three affirmative votes are cast.
 • Additional agenda items may be introduced by any member of the Board during the “New Business”
 portion of a regular meeting. Such item may be considered upon unanimous consent of all of those
 members attending.
 • All Board meetings shall be conducted in an orderly manner.
 • Orderly procedure shall be maintained by the Chairman. 
 • Comments or questions by other interested people in the audience will be allowed as appropriate

About Lisbon Trails

The Lisbon Trails Commission is a seven member community group serving the Town of Lisbon Maine. We have been active since 1993 to support non-motorized transportation activity.
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