Lisbon Trails Connections and Directions

Lisbon Trails Paper Mill and Ricker Farm Trail HeadsTo Papermill Trail Head

This trail head is located along Rt. 196 and Frost Hill Ave. in Lisbon.  The Sabatuss River boat launch and parking lot is also located here.  (Look for the Red Star on the map)

The Papermill trail will take you along the Sabatuss River under a canopy of oaks and pines as well as an apple or popular.  There are many opportunities to stop and enjoy the sounds of the river and say hello to friends and neighbors.

Be sure to read the information within both the kiosk at the parking lot and the historical sign further down the trail.

The Papermill trail connects to the next part of the Lisbon Trail System; The Ricker Farm Trail. (Look for the Blue Star on the map)

This Trail will take you into an important part of Lisbon and Lisbon character.  This still operational farm land was donated by the owner to let others enjoy this trail system.  There are two farm stands within walking distance of this trail.  In the summer of 2008 25 red maples were planted along the Ricker Farm trail.  These trees were made possible through a Project Canopy grant and volunteer efforts.


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