Bike/Ped. Plan

Lisbon Trail Network Planning – Lisbon, ME

June 25, 2013

Lisbon’s Comprehensive Plan establishes the high priority of planning changes to the Androscoggin Riverfront in Lisbon Falls, the Lisbon-Durham bridge and Route 196 to allow future improvements. This year Lisbon has committed considerable time and energy to evaluating Route 196 for improvement. A comprehensive and coordinated approach to these various efforts will produce a better outcome and reduce cost.

We encourage all projects to be designed in support a continuous off-road multi-purpose trail through Lisbon (parallel with Rte. 196), with connection to Lewiston, Topsham and Durham. The rail line right of way, power lines and the undeveloped riverfront offer an outstanding opportunity for these facilities. This will help transportation safety, riverfront access and scenic values to promote use, enhance the local economy and regional recreational initiatives.

The following projects are of concern:

  1. Lisbon-Durham Bridge
  • Protected way for bike/pedestrian/ATV use
  • Connection to 196 instead of Canal Street
  • Location not moved upstream

2.  Route 196

  • Not widened at Canal and Main – eliminating RR track
  • Bypass from Route 9 to Route 125
  • Route 9 intersection redesign

3.  Route 125 reconstruction

  • Intersection
  • Utility improvements

The Lisbon Trails Commission is in the process of creating a walking, hiking, and bike network plan. This plan will be in narrative and map form. The plan will show how infrastructure connects and will identify and prioritize missing connections in the network.

Public input is requested and valued -email your comments and request a survey form.
The plan will address the following:
Identify and prioritize improvements to infrastructure (sidewalks, shoulders, and trails) that provide walking and hiking access between major origins and destinations (e.g. neighborhoods, downtown, schools, library, bus routes, and recreational areas), connect recreational and natural areas, and connect our facilities to regional recreational trails and paths.

Identify opportunities and impediments to alternative transportation in daily life in and around Lisbon. Primary focus will be on ways to support alternatives to automobile use as a choice the community respects and supports.


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