Lisbon Bike-Ped.MapLisbon Bike and Pedestrian Plan

The Trails Commission is producing a Lisbon Bike and Pedestrian Plan to identify the alternative transportation options, facilities and possible enhancements. Working with all those interested in the issues, the plan will identify strengths and weaknesses in the system and provide the framework for future enhancements.

Mapping of current sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes, trails, water access, bus routes, key destinations and associated facilities will  show how infrastructure connects and will identify and prioritize missing connections in the network.
Specifically, the plan will identify and prioritize improvements to bridge design, sidewalks, shoulders, and trails that provide walking and hiking access between neighborhoods, MTM Center, downtown, schools, library, bus routes, recreational and natural areas. It will also identify and prioritize improvements to infrastructure (trails, bike lanes, bike routes) that provide for safe cycling.

Primary attention will be given to leveraging past investment in facilities such as Papermill Trail into a cohesive and functional transportation system. (Look for the Blue Star on the map)

Public input is encouraged and welcome at the regular monthly meeting of the Trails Commission, the comment section here or through the Lisbon Walkability Survey.  Email the following survey form if you have not already submitted one.


Which best applies to you and your neighborhood – 20 minute walk from your home.


  1. I can do most of my shopping at local stores.



2. There are sidewalks on most of the streets in my neighborhood.




2a. The sidewalks in my neighborhood are well maintained (paved, even, and few cracks).



3. There are bicycle or pedestrian trails in or near my neighborhood that are easy to get to.



4. Sidewalks are appropriately separated from the road/traffic in my neighborhood.



5. There are many places to go within easy walking distance of my home.



6. It is easy to walk to a bus stop from my home.



7. There are many interesting things to look at while walking in my neighborhood.



8. During the last 7 days, on how many days did you walk or bike for at least 10 minutes at a time to go from place to place?


________ day(s) per week ______No walking from place to place


Think about only those physical activities that you did for at least 10 minutes at a time.


9. During the last 7 days, on how many days did you do vigorous physical activities like heavy lifting, handling wood, shoveling snow, or digging in the garden or yard?


_______ day(s) per week ________No vigorous activity in garden or yard


10. Priority for regular moderate physical activity. 1-high 2 3 4 5-low


11. Do you have a dog_________Do you walk with the dog?_________


  1. Do you support walkability as a priority in road/bridge/development construction?





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