Lisbon Trails goals and procedures for donations to Lisbon Trails and Associated Park Areas

Parks/Trails DONATIONS

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines, standards and procedures for the installation and care of donated park improvements, either as a result of a cash or physical property donation. These donations may include, but are not limited to, park benches, bicycle racks, picnic tables, public art, drinking fountains, flags, and other types of park or trail accessories. Donation of non-functional monuments are not encouraged.

The development of public facilities is expected to be the result of careful planning and quality construction. In addition, public facilities are expected to be maintained to a standard acceptable to the community. This policy is also designed to provide guidelines for individuals or groups should they desire to decorate, landscape or adorn a donation, such as a tree, bench, or picnic table on town owned property. Standards established by this policy will apply to purchased equipment, installation techniques, donation acknowledgements, decoration and long term care of all donations.


Decoration, ornamentation, and adornment of donated elements must not interfere with routine maintenance, cared for on a regular basis and installed properly. Nothing shall be hung on or tied to trees. Decorations may be allowed on a temporary basis for a limited time with prior approval. If a donor determines that he or she can no longer maintain the donor site, the donor is requested to contact the Town in order that Town staff may restore the site to its original condition.


The community has an interest in ensuring that park elements purchased and installed be of high quality related to style, appearance, durability and ease of maintenance. The Town staff will be responsible for the purchase and oversight of installation of all park elements. Park elements and/or their associated donation acknowledgments should reflect the character of the park or facility. All park elements will be installed so as not to substantially change the character of a facility or its intended use.

Donated park elements and/or their associated donation acknowledgement, become Town property. Accordingly, the Town has the duty to maintain the donation only for the expected life cycle of the donation. The Public Works Department will be responsible for managing all donations located on Town park property, with the assistance of the Parks Maintenance staff and volunteers. If current information is on file, donor will be informed and given the opportunity to take further action at the expiration of the original life cycle. Donor may request continuation of the element and provide funding to cover any repairs and maintenance for an approved additional period.


The donor should contact the Lisbon Trails to determine whether a donation may be accepted based upon criteria contained in this policy. If acceptable, the donor will complete an application form. Completed applications and payment will be made to the Town through the Lisbon Trails. Items to be purchased and contracted for installation will be arranged between the Lisbon Trails, supplier and donor. Cash donations are automatically approved and accepted on the basis that the funds will be used in accordance with the park plan criteria. Elements not listed above and donated for functional purposes, or for other than public display, may be accepted otherwise.


Park Plan: To accept donation of a park element for a specific park facility, a park plan must exist showing the available locations for park elements. If no plan exists then a donation may be made to another facility. If a plan exists, but does not identify a particular park element proposed for donation, the Town may accept the donation under certain conditions. Under this circumstance the donation must 1) provide a significant enhancement to the facility, 2) not interfere with the intended current or future use of the facility and 3) not require the relocation of other equipment or infrastructure to accommodate the donation. In the opinion of the Town, a facility may be determined to be fully developed and the opportunity for donations would not be available.

Donation acknowledgments, as approved by the Town, and memorial plaques are to be directly affixed to the donation (maximum 5 x 7 or 2 x 18, depending on application, inches in size). In park bench applications the donation acknowledgment may be routered into the seat back of the bench.

Park Donation Form 1

Park/Trail Donation Form

Lisbon Trails

Do you wish to have a plaque or inscription?

Yes / No

Do you have a preference of item type.

Yes / No

General donations for public use (circle preference): $_______________

Water Fountain

Waste Services



Dog Park

Wood Chips/Mulch






Water Access






Trail Construction

Performance Area


Please provide an explanation of the intent of your donation here or an attached letter:

If you have a preference, please describe or provide a picture, plan or sketch of the desired item on attached page.

Consideration will be given for your preference of location or design. Placement and design must meet the guidelines and locations listed in the Donations Rules and Park Plan.


Do you wish to be anonymous: Yes / No


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